Catering Set Menus in Cologne, Neuss and Bergheim

Great Pleasures: Set menus by con GUSTO

Whether 3 or 4course meal, spring or winter-themed, whether wedding or birthday – with the set menus from con GUSTO Catering you are always right. We put together a meals, fitting your taste, the season and the occasion. Have a look at a selection of our wide range of choices:

Clear tomato essence

with basil dumplings

braised ox haunch

in a strong red wine jus, caramelized radiccio and pureed celeriac

Macadamianut Brownie

with apple-basil ice cream

asparagus salad

with yoghurt dressing, spring onions, radishes, srouts and ham on a nest of ruccola

pork filet medaillions

with carrot-chili-crust, on Monschau mustard sauce, green fried esparagus with parmesan and cherry tomatoes with salted potatoes swiveled in butter

Strawberry triology

strawberry mousse, -parfait and caramelized balsamico strawberries

sea devil filet in a n herbed crêpe

with red beet sauce and mussel salad

pumpkin-ginger soup

with cubed goose

venison roastbeef

on pinot noir jus, with filled savoy sacks, sautéed forest mushrooms and bread dumplings

Mousse au Chocolat

with caramelized walnut pieces, divided by fluffy sponge with lingonberry sauce

lobster ravioli

in sage butter with peppers

pink roasted breast of duck

on thyme jus, orange pearl barley and snow peas

Christmas cake parfait

with Speculaas base and apple-cinnamon sauce

antipasti plate

with sautéed vegetables, ham. ciabatta and mozzarella skewer

rendezvous of salmon and zander

with a veil of crayfish, with nut spinach and pommes châteaux

white Mousse au Chocolat

with grüne Grütze, a fruit pudding with rhubarb, kiwifruit and apples

shrimp cocktail

with avocado and cherry tomatoes

broth of veal

with truffle ravioli

duet of roasted beef and pork

on a merlot jus, with seasonal vegetables and potato pillows

fruit spectacular

overturned vanilla cream filled with fruit

sea devil saltimbocca

on an aubergine couscous salad

morel cream soup

with baked truffle-goatcheese balls


roasted whole, with parmesan crust on madeira sauce, with artichoke confit and potato biskuits

lavender honey parfait three ways

with puff pastry and praline skewer and saffron-chocolate sauce

Mediterranean vegetable terrine

with ruccola pesto and lettuce bouquet

clear tomato essence

with basil dumplings

veal roulade

with sundried tomatoes and feta cheese on balsamico jus with vegetable tatar and Gratin Dauphinois

lemongrass panna cotta

with Licor 43 and raspberry coulis