Terms of Service - con GUSTO Cateringservice Gero Mödder


The contracting partner of con GUSTO will be called purchaser or client in the following document. con GUSTO Cateringservice Gero Mödder will be called contractor or con GUSTO Catering. All prices are net-prices and tax will be added. Please consider that for delivery of food only a tax of 7% will be charged, for everything else the full tax of 19% applies. Any resale of con GUSTO products or services is subject to a written acceptance by the contractor. Costs and/ or provision of the following are the responsibility of the client: supply and drainage of water and electricity, energy costs, refuse disposal, insurance of all delivered materials, potentially necessary entrance or parking fees.

Purchase order quantity

As early as possible but at least 7 working days before the event the final amount must be communicated. For organisational reasons con GUSTO delivers some foods only after a certain amount is ordered. A substantial decrease in the numbers can result in the voiding of the initial offer or in an increase in prices.

Personnel and working times

The number of servers will be calculated according to experience. If the purchaser should reduce these from the initial offer, con GUSTO cannot guarantee for smooth operations. The working times are subject to German law. All working times written in the offer are estimates. The purchaser will be charged the actually worked hours after the event. Because every event is unique we ask for your understanding, should the times be different to those in our initial offer.

Damage and breakage

The purchaser will be charged for damaged or disappeared materials separately after the event. These cannot be part of the initial offer, because the will only incur during the event.

Accounting of beverages

All consumed amounts can be controlled and countersigned by the purchaser at the end of the event, otherwise the accounting of our management on location stands. Flat rates are calculated for the length of the vent. Any beverages taken from location or consumed after the event will be charged separately.


We deliver throughout the year with the exception of January 1st. On Sunday or holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve we will only deliver beginning from 30 guests. Additional costs may apply. If your order surpasses 150,00€ we deliver free for up to 20km (round trip). This threshold will be adapted according to the volume of the contract (costs are written in your offer). Naturally we will try to be punctual for all appointments. If, in individual cases, it should not be possible to exactly on time, the purchaser allows a tolerance of 30 minutes.


Our prices include cleaning. Cutlery and crockery will be taken back after being roughly cleaned of all leftovers and sorted into their respective containers. Should you decide to clean the equipment yourself, we ask that you do not use hard sponges or dish-liquid. Refuse and leftover food Unless specifically mentioned in our offer, the purchaser is responsible for the disposal of waste and/ or leftover food. Withdrawal, cancellation, rescission When a binding contract for an event is cancelled we charge the following cancellation fees: After confirmation of booking, the down payment is equal to the cancellation fee. Otherwise the following applies:

  • up to 30 days before the event: 33%
  • up to 14 days before the event: 50%
  • from 14 days before the event: 100% of the order value.

The order value encompasses all services included in the offer. For events where services are charged as consumed the cancellation fee is estimated. For services procured from third parties (eg tents or artists) their cancellation fees apply.


These terms of service apply for services by con GUSTO Catering. The additionally apply to contracts for renting function rooms in the location “Kabelwerk” for the purpose of holding events like weddings, company celebrations, congresses etc. as well as all connected goods and services by con GUSTO. For the contract these terms apply exclusively, other terms are not subject matter of the contract, even if not objected to explicitly.

Definition of bond

Our offer becomes binding after we receive the signed confirmation or receive the agreed down payment. Up to that point all offers are non-binding and we reserve the right of withdrawal at any time.

Number of guests

con GUSTO must be notified of the exact number of guests 10 days in advance. Should this number decrease later, the difference may still be charged. For Flat rates we will count the number of guests on location and will charge differences if necessary.


The purchase must control any product and report any promptly, so that the contractor may rectify them. Should there be no objection or complaint after arrival, all products or rentals are held acceptable and liable to pay.


The purchaser may use all rentals only for the agreed upon purpose and location. con GUSTO reserves the right to check, recall any rentals or take measures for their conservation, if there is danger of breakage of loss. con GUSTO stays owner of all products and means of transport.

Down payments

con GUSTO reserves the right to charge a down payment for all services, whether mentioned in the original offer or not. At the latest this will communicated with the confirmation of contract. Generally the following applies:

  • At date of booking: 30% of order value
  • 14 days before the event a further 60% of the updated order value

Separate agreements are possible and must be in writing.


Method of payment is either bank transfer or cash. When using bank transfers the purchaser must consider the time allowed for payment on the bill. Cash payments are only accepted after previous agreement on the day of the event. Delay of payment until after the time allowed will result in the purchaser being charged for any and all additional costs and fees. The contractor assigns the number of reminders and/ or demands of payment. After the last one judicial dunning procedures will be initiated!


In all locations of the purchaser, the purchaser is liable to take preventative measures to reduce wear and tear as well as avoid damages. The purchaser must notify con GUSTO of any and all damages to con GUSTO property. We have a liability insurance for all damages caused by us to property of third parties. This will only apply if notified immediately. Are rentals not returned or returned with damage, the customer is obligated to compensate. con GUSTO is not liable for food or drinks brought by the purchaser.

Loss or damage of customer property

Any personal property or exhibits are brought at owner’s risk. con GUSTO ist not liable for any loss or damage except in case of culpable negligence or wilful intent. Decorations must be in accordance with all fire regulations, con GUSTO may demand proof of that. Because of possible damage, placement and installation must be coordinated with con GUSTO. Everything must be removed after the agreed upon rental period has passed and con GUSTO may then remove and/ or store these effects at the expense of the customer. Should the effects remain in rented rooms, con GUSTO may charge rent. con GUSTO reserves the right to prove additional damages.

Liability of customer for damage

The customer is liable for all damage of the building and inventory of the Kabelwerk, which occur through fault of visitors, staff or other third parties or himself. con GUSTO may ask for suitable collaterals (e.g. insurance, bonds). The use of confetti is forbidden inside and outside the Kabelwerk. Cleaning up costs will be charged if confetti is used. Sparklers may not be used inside in compliance with fire regulations.

Protection of data privacy

All customer data will not be given to third parties. con GUSTO will delete all customer data one year after lawful purposes for the retention no longer apply. When using our guest Wi-Fi you agree to our terms of use.


All music events must be reported in advance to GEMA. Any fees are covered by the customer.

Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Cologne, Germany.