Streetfood catering for Cologne, Neuss and Düsseldorf

Streetfood is the catering of the future. Food is a holistic experience in the heads and everyday life of your guests and customers, so we offer you to bring the love and freshness that we put into the preparation of our dishes live and in colour with a contemporary presentation.

We invite you to take in the atmosphere and smells of the different elements and the connected exclusivity even while just reading about our different concepts.

Geros Gänse Gyros

Off your guests something unique in the whole world! As a goose dish with show effect, Geros Gänse Gyros (or Gero’s goose gyros) combines the noble taste of goose with the handiness of the traditional gyros bun. This makes Geros Gänse gyros a favourite for every age!

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Tarte Flambée
Offer your guests a classic highlight: Our freshly baked tartes flambées from a stone oven excite all tastes! The tartes are presented on authentic wooden slats, no further dishes or cutlery are needed.
Pulled Pork burger
A dish of the classic BBQ of the North-American cuisine. Cut from the hand of the pig, it is cooked with hickory wood in our smoker for 18 hours at a temperature of 80°C and served in a bun with BBQ Sauce and coleslaw.
Black Angus Burger
180g of original Irish Black Angus Beef, directly form the producer, served with fresh tomatoes, ruccola, port wine onions and BBQ Sauce Definitely not comparable to Red Angus Beef typically offered!
Pork loin with crust
Yes, hearty food has a place with us also! Tasty pork loin grilled over charcoal on a turnspit. Served with Maltbeersauce and baked potatoes as well as a variety of dips and sauces: Herbed quark (a German specialty cheese), Aioli, herbed butter, mustard and ketchup.
Pasta i Pesto
Everyone loves pasta, they’re eaten everywhere. Even better, when the pasta is freshly produced right in front of you! Our motto: Bring the pasta machine, steady and go!: Homemade pasta with basil pesto, tomato pesto or ruccola pesto. The pesti may also be freshly prepared on location.
Guaranteed to give you that holiday feeling the preparation right in front of your guests: With chicken, pork, beef, chorizo, gambas, mussels, veggies, rice beef broth and saffron or your individual tastes – a unique experience for your eyes, nose and palate!
This typical German dish is served with the extra care that makes all the difference. A premium sausage in homemade German currysauce served with one of our crispy version of fries. Event this simple dish is transformed to an adventure when prepared with the necessary passion.
Oriental specialties
Whether falafel wrap, kisir or Turkish pizza – because our good friends Mesrur and Bülent help us with the prep work, we can off you, and your guests, authentic specialties from the southeast of the Mediterranean.
Classic Italian ice cream
In a cone? In a cup? If you want it a little more classic, we we deliver fresh ice cream in up to 7 flavours and serve it just like the ice man!
Drinks & Cocktails
When it comes to drinks, we also offer a contemporary selection: Fresh fruit smoothies, Fancy Cocktails or homemade ice teas and lemonades complete your event. By using contemporary preparation we not only guarantee excellent quality of the ingredients but also a modern presentation according to your imagination.